My Life: Week 12

School break is OVER! It’s the 3rd month of the year. Kinder kids are back to school and their screaming and crying starts again. Their cries sounds like they being tortured. Kicking the door!! I heard it so loud from my house on 7th floor. They woke me up from my “beauty“ sleep!! Bahahahah!!

Maybe teacher too “Garang”? School has too many rules till the child gets confuse doesn’t look forward to it??

Every child have only one childhood. Don’t let them lose all of it! Let them enjoy while it last!

So today it’s a good day to have wedding too. The car horns made me jumped off my bed and wanting get to work to right away from all this morning surprises!! I need my quiet room so that I can work and think in peace.

Guess I need to hang that door sign that says “DO NOT DISTURB. I NEED A QUIET MOMENT TO FOCUS ON MY WORK!” I can bet with you that some won’t even notice that sign! Just barge into my room & ask weird stuffs. Im used to it!!🙄

I love my life, family and friends and I love my job!! It’s not about wealth or about work status. It’s about how you bring your world with integrity and great fullness to life!!

Have a good week everyone!!

Assalamualaikum 🙏

🖌❤️🌹 Wani

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