Foodalicious: Chicky Breast

Chicken is always the easiest meat to cook. Fresh juicy chicken meal is always everyone’s favourite.

When I have time and felt like cooking, I will always love to try something different especially the “westside” dishes.

Here I have the grilled chicken thigh with apple salad and noodles. The noodle was soaked in a curry soup (I use Maggi Mee curry) absorbing the flavours. I added a little spicy crunchy seaweed for topping.

Chicken breast is not my favourite part. But if we cooked it with a little bit of creation, it does taste good!

Not to waste on that (which I normally do) I created something different. I shredded the meat and mix with the balance sauce I kept for grilling, With a little bit of butter, I pan-grilled the chicken meat again.

I cut an apple into small pieces and mixed it with mayo.

Final step…place those hot grilled chicken on top of the apple and dig in!!

I love to complement my meal with Ice Masalah Tea (Cameron) or Ice Milk Coffee (Meiji).


To have a good digestion, have at least a banana in the morning.

Lots of love


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