The Great Wall

I had a long break from WordPress due to my work and travel. My last bucket list for 2019 was to set foot on the Great Wall on the 1st day of 2020 and I did it. It was a blessed that we were not affected by the pandemic. ❤️

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Lunch At Work

We don’t talk about work during lunch. We talked about food and fashion. I’m not the boss when i’m lunching with my team. I’m their lunch mate!

Today’s lunch.. we made Ceasar Salad with chicken and fruits. They have their own main. Noodles for me and Titi and milk for Shima!! Atiqa Lemons and Cik Amin and Saadah and Rosalyn, they ate the chicken salad only. 💕💕🌹🌹

Lots of love


Ikan Usat : It’s just a fish

Steam Usat Fish cooked Loas style.

Grilled prawns ceasar salad with homemade croutons.

I can’t cook asam pedas as i can’t eat spicy food and the fishes was caught last night. So its fresh and straight to the oven.

Two Men and a lady to cook such a good meal!!


Love 💕


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My Life: Week 12

School break is OVER! It’s the 3rd month of the year. Kinder kids are back to school and their screaming and crying starts again. Their cries sounds like they being tortured. Kicking the door!! I heard it so loud from my house on 7th floor. They woke me up from my “beauty“ sleep!! Bahahahah!!

Maybe teacher too “Garang”? School has too many rules till the child gets confuse doesn’t look forward to it??

Every child have only one childhood. Don’t let them lose all of it! Let them enjoy while it last!

So today it’s a good day to have wedding too. The car horns made me jumped off my bed and wanting get to work to right away from all this morning surprises!! I need my quiet room so that I can work and think in peace.

Guess I need to hang that door sign that says “DO NOT DISTURB. I NEED A QUIET MOMENT TO FOCUS ON MY WORK!” I can bet with you that some won’t even notice that sign! Just barge into my room & ask weird stuffs. Im used to it!!🙄

I love my life, family and friends and I love my job!! It’s not about wealth or about work status. It’s about how you bring your world with integrity and great fullness to life!!

Have a good week everyone!!

Assalamualaikum 🙏

🖌❤️🌹 Wani

Foodalicious: Chicky Breast

Chicken is always the easiest meat to cook. Fresh juicy chicken meal is always everyone’s favourite.

When I have time and felt like cooking, I will always love to try something different especially the “westside” dishes.

Here I have the grilled chicken thigh with apple salad and noodles. The noodle was soaked in a curry soup (I use Maggi Mee curry) absorbing the flavours. I added a little spicy crunchy seaweed for topping.

Chicken breast is not my favourite part. But if we cooked it with a little bit of creation, it does taste good!

Not to waste on that (which I normally do) I created something different. I shredded the meat and mix with the balance sauce I kept for grilling, With a little bit of butter, I pan-grilled the chicken meat again.

I cut an apple into small pieces and mixed it with mayo.

Final step…place those hot grilled chicken on top of the apple and dig in!!

I love to complement my meal with Ice Masalah Tea (Cameron) or Ice Milk Coffee (Meiji).


To have a good digestion, have at least a banana in the morning.

Lots of love


Time will tell: Childhood

Black and white. Young and old. The shapes and scribbles reflect a child’s inner world, a way of communication through pen and paper.

To love. To care. To nurture. Those are a child needs in his growing life. Childhood grows once. Let them enjoy those quality moments.

How time flies when he started counting the numbers on the clock. Growing so fast. Now a toddler. Later, as a teenager. And then a young adult.

Clock scribbled by Mohd Syarif Aqil.

Lots of loves


Foodalicious: Confections

Kassim Baba Festival was held at Downtown East since Friday. Exploring to this type of festive, other than fashion accessories, I would search for areas that looks like a Smörgåsbord.

I referred them as “Hipster Delicacies” by young hawkers with range of options for their creative dishes.

It’s a good fact initiatives of food venture built by young entrepreneurs.

The choicest pick during my exploration?…

It’s the Berat Bros Confectionery! In English “Berat” means “heavy”.

As usual I would always chose something old school like the “Bolster”, an old time classic side dish. The name got me being sense, but I just want to try it to engage in comparisons. It looks just like Mummy’s dish during the Ramadan.

But the Bros was a little more creative with their dishes. Sausage roll with cheddar cheese on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Ian managed to snap a picture of me munching while it’s hot and cheesy!

And to complement the dish, we had the R.I.P drink twice. It helps to kerb our thirst under the hot sunny weather too.

The Bros was very enthusiastic and entertaining with their hawkering. But it’s a good way on how they market their products.

For more info, follow their Instagram @BERATBROS_SG on their next hawkering destination.

Love always


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Foodalicious: Tender beef noodle

An impromptu lunch set by Ian. We drove by one of the best Korean restaurant Ramen but it was closed. So Ian decided to explore somewhere different and secluded.

At the corner of Sam Leong Road, we found a Chinese shop selling Halal beef noodles called Yi Zun Noodle.

A small Chinese style ambience. The indoor and outdoor seating is available. Friendly staffs.

We took our orders and wala…

The Yi Zun Beef Noodle

Since we were rushing for time, we ordered the small size bowl and a jug of homemade prune drink.

The handmade noodles were so soft. A huge portion of noodles for a small size order. The soup was tasty. And beef is so tender.

If you are around Mustafa Centre, drop by the shop and try the dishes. Ian wants to try the fried chicken. Looks tasty indeed.

My review: 4/5

Location: 45 Sam Leong Road (207935)



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