Lunch At Work

We don’t talk about work during lunch. We talked about food and fashion. I’m not the boss when i’m lunching with my team. I’m their lunch mate!

Today’s lunch.. we made Ceasar Salad with chicken and fruits. They have their own main. Noodles for me and Titi and milk for Shima!! Atiqa Lemons and Cik Amin and Saadah and Rosalyn, they ate the chicken salad only. 💕💕🌹🌹

Lots of love


Ikan Usat : It’s just a fish

Steam Usat Fish cooked Loas style.

Grilled prawns ceasar salad with homemade croutons.

I can’t cook asam pedas as i can’t eat spicy food and the fishes was caught last night. So its fresh and straight to the oven.

Two Men and a lady to cook such a good meal!!


Love 💕


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