Drifter in SocMed

Looking at my analytic stats, the characteristics behaviour of readers in all social media (socmed) differs. Considering that 85% of users in some apps only read and like stories not related to them or posting that only reflects how bad they suffered in their love or daily life.

The environmental factors that “DRIFT” people away from reality.

A post by Harith Iskandar:

… Because I had time to be offended by something that has nothing to do with me and doesn’t affect my life one bit.







Happy Women’s Day

Had a busy day yesterday.. meetings and meetings.. serta dengan kepala aku yang serabut ini. Oooohhh.. migraine is bad.

Tapi usaha aku untuk memberi bunga 🌹🌹kepada setiap pekerja wanita, telah aku tunaikan. Great effort Wani!!👏👏

Didn’t get to Smule yesterday as i got house work to finish. But managed to support the GOP Star Smulerz rooms where my followers are mostly from USA and Indonesia. Can’t imagine thier love is so tremendously fantastic. Thank you semua for the support!!🙏🙏

Follow me at Smule @_SarwaniSGOP_sWs and sing a song with me🎤🎤🎧🎧

Hope all the women out there had an awesome day and May all of us be protected and be love always. ❤️❤️🌹🌹

LOve ❤️




I had my first bingsu at Damansara Utama Dal.komm Coffee cafe which I found it like a normal crush ice with fruits. Average cost about Rm25 per serving. We didn’t finished it cos it too cold and it’s almost to midnight when I have to leave for my next appointment with my another group of friends for supper.


Bingsu are the fluffiest ice dessert ever which i was not sure about it either during that time. My first bingsu in Singapore was at a Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe located at Century Sq Level 2 (Tampines). I ordered the Choco Banana bingsu. It’s the snow flakes bingsu which I enjoyed it so much. Only thing is there no halal certification. It’s a dessert cafe but still…you know I know.

Since we have not been having Bingsu for months, we decided to check out another branch near Bugis. It’s just opposite Bugis Junction. I wanted to try out their new flavour and indeed it suits my taste bud. I guess many have already tried it. But having to check out their latest flavour sometime won’t bored you with their signature dessert. So I & Ian tried the Chocolate Cake while Shuk had the Choco Banana.


Click video-icon.png for our trip.

I would definitely come back and try their premium bingsu. But i do still want to check out more bingsu in Kuala Lumpur.

best_gif_ever_by_xxniquaquezxx-d6t6ybpto locate other locations for Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe


The 9 Lives

Last weekend i got invited to attend a cat exhibition where 9 designers created cool furniture for cats. They even have cats who came to try out the exhibits.

For more enquiries, you may visit http://www.9livesdesignshow.com


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-06 at 10.31.39 PM

With Daphne Chew

This exhibition will continue on from 7 March till 31 March 2017 at the following:

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (Boat Quay)

54A Boat Quay Level 2 S(049843)

T: 65365319 (11am-1opm/ closed on Tuesdays)

The Company of Cats (Chinatown)

6B Mosque Street S(049843)

T: 62203835 (12pm-10pm/ closed on Mondays)

I love how this lady created the teas with all the names of cat breed. Different breed has different tea flavour. Do check out their website for more details. Visit http://www.mykittea.com

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-06 at 10.55.17 PM

For video of out tour at the exhibition,click_me_heart_by_youraverageweeb-d8lypek

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