imaan facial wipes


Assalamualaikum ladies dan lelakis…

finally got my package of the imaan facial wipes. click on pix to watch my video.


For orders:

Contact Hazyana @92391415 or her FB @Haz Yana

3 packet for SGD10.00


Love the smell of the honeycomb fragrance. My face felt soft and smooth after using it. Worth the price.

click_me_heart_by_youraverageweeb-d8lypekCheck me out using the wipes.


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Impromptu lunch with Fazleen. most expensive lunch ever for this week. Thought of eating korean dish at Paya Lebar Sq but it’s no longer in business.whatsapp-image-2017-03-02-at-1-10-42-pm

so we decided to go for light serving. i ate the Smoked Turkey Ham with cheese sandwich


But since their signature dish is the cakes, i decided to try one which capture my attention. I ate the Raspberry Chocolate cake.

Average per person : $15


Bread not toasted not long enough. soup is a bit starchy. service is too fast. we were not told to add syrup to our drink. but the cake is nice. Will come back to try the salad.