Foodalicious: Confections

Kassim Baba Festival was held at Downtown East since Friday. Exploring to this type of festive, other than fashion accessories, I would search for areas that looks like a Smörgåsbord.

I referred them as “Hipster Delicacies” by young hawkers with range of options for their creative dishes.

It’s a good fact initiatives of food venture built by young entrepreneurs.

The choicest pick during my exploration?…

It’s the Berat Bros Confectionery! In English “Berat” means “heavy”.

As usual I would always chose something old school like the “Bolster”, an old time classic side dish. The name got me being sense, but I just want to try it to engage in comparisons. It looks just like Mummy’s dish during the Ramadan.

But the Bros was a little more creative with their dishes. Sausage roll with cheddar cheese on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Ian managed to snap a picture of me munching while it’s hot and cheesy!

And to complement the dish, we had the R.I.P drink twice. It helps to kerb our thirst under the hot sunny weather too.

The Bros was very enthusiastic and entertaining with their hawkering. But it’s a good way on how they market their products.

For more info, follow their Instagram @BERATBROS_SG on their next hawkering destination.

Love always


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