What did you missed?

Hmm… well i guess there’s a lot to share.

Some mentioned to me that they missed my food porning..well i have some to share.

Last month me and Ian went for cafe hopping.

We were looking for good dessert. We had a bad start of the day trying to figure out what to have for breakfast. Tosai Masala at Little India. That will be my last visit for the year. I have been going there for years but now it doesn’t give me the pleasure of sitting longer or coming back for another round.

So to release my tension, Ian decided to find a good dessert to “compliment” the breakfast🙄.

And we chose Arab Street.. i was imagining myself eating chendol ice cream while walking down Haji Lane. Hipster hangout!! I called that.

Well before that we did our #CarOke session.


Me and Ian had done this for years. We just don’t have time to post it. So let’s do something for 2018 for a start. Im looking forward to have a great and fun and blissful journey in my life starting this year.

So.. we headed to the shophouses along Arab Street. Julie Bake has already open for business so let’s go in check it out.

The cakes looks awesome. BUT! It’s costly. Be prepared to spent.

Next stop..the famous Teh Sarabat!!

Finally we found a nice cozy dessert place.

That’s a cozy bakery shop. But looking at those savoury, it gonna cost us a bomb and its too crowded anyway. (Ian trying to control our budget✌️). So we skipped and hopped to the next store.

It’s the #lickety (34 Bussorah St)So we got what we want. And walaaaaThey have great flavours to choose from. You should try them out!

We have a special visitor from Washington DC USA 🇺🇸who joined us for dessert.So that’s was our dessert time in Feb 2018.So do check out those shops and share with me on the comment below. I would love to try Konditori Artisan Bake (33 Busorrah St) when i have the budget. 😬😫

More stories coming up..



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