A Face In The Crowd: Dads For Life

It was beautiful Saturday morning where everyone is celebrating the festive of Chinese New Year. Here I am, spending my quality time at the beach with the rest of the my maternal family.

I have my interest in photography long time ago when i started my first job. Photography company. But i pursue my career on another path. Being a real professional librarian instead.

Back to my picnic, we had a wonderful time with all the children playing games of hopscotch, running with pingpong balls etc.. and while recording those activities, I saw Naema sitting down on the picnic chair while her dad was making sure she is safe at the right position. I couldn’t wait any longer and so i quickly changed the camera mode to potrait (using Iphone 8plus) and took a quick snap.

A father and daughter moment.

It was a good shot indeed. And I love that picture so much. Great year to start with!

Thanks to Iphone (not promoting them) but its worth the buy!

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/a-face-in-the-crowd/”>A Face in the Crowd</a>



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