I had my first bingsu at Damansara Utama Dal.komm Coffee cafe which I found it like a normal crush ice with fruits. Average cost about Rm25 per serving. We didn’t finished it cos it too cold and it’s almost to midnight when I have to leave for my next appointment with my another group of friends for supper.


Bingsu are the fluffiest ice dessert ever which i was not sure about it either during that time. My first bingsu in Singapore was at a Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe located at Century Sq Level 2 (Tampines). I ordered the Choco Banana bingsu. It’s the snow flakes bingsu which I enjoyed it so much. Only thing is there no halal certification. It’s a dessert cafe but still…you know I know.

Since we have not been having Bingsu for months, we decided to check out another branch near Bugis. It’s just opposite Bugis Junction. I wanted to try out their new flavour and indeed it suits my taste bud. I guess many have already tried it. But having to check out their latest flavour sometime won’t bored you with their signature dessert. So I & Ian tried the Chocolate Cake while Shuk had the Choco Banana.


Click video-icon.png for our trip.

I would definitely come back and try their premium bingsu. But i do still want to check out more bingsu in Kuala Lumpur.

best_gif_ever_by_xxniquaquezxx-d6t6ybpto locate other locations for Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe


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