Rugby & Cats

today i have 2 events and i’m shacked. as usual i got laundry to wash dry & fold. Kerja orang perempuan kan kan kan….

whatsapp-image-2017-03-04-at-10-54-37-amso to kick start my morning, did a smoothie for Shuk n myself (sorry Ian..couldn’t wake up to make one for you)..I had avocado, green apple, honeydew, milk and choco protein power. Yummay..

so.. i got an invitation to 9lives and 4 tickets to watch Rugby. Ian is working and Shuk will be going with me. thanks to Yacob, my colleague for the tickets. kalau nak tahu kerja kat venue sendiri pun susah nak dapat free… Nasib oii…in have to pay to get in.

whatsapp-image-2017-03-04-at-11-06-59-amI just got a call that my stock for imaan facial wipes is coming today. Click here to check out the cleansing wipes. non-alcohol and can use it for your wudhu n in travel size.

that’s for now. for updates on my upcoming events later.


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